Private lessons

What languages can I study at your school?

We are currently able to teach you the following languages: Czech, German, English, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Dutch and Norwegian.

What are the advantages of private lessons?

The greatest advantage, in comparison with public courses, is that private lessons can perfectly adapt to your needs. You select the time, frequency, length of the lesson, location, etc. Private lessons are also much more intensive, enabling you to learn more in a shorter time.

Where do private lessons take place?

Usually at our school, where we provide the conditions and necessary equipment most conducive to quality teaching. But if you wish, lessons can also take place in your apartment or office or even in one of the quiet cafés in the city center.

When can I attend private lessons?

The day and time of your lessons depends on the arrangements you make. Send us the times when you are available and we'll inform our teachers, who will then pick the term that suits them best. We'll contact you the moment we find the right teacher for you and arrange the first lesson. Private lessons can take place any day of the week from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

How long should one lesson be?

In the majority of cases students ask for 90- min. lessons. Within this time you can learn quite a lot and are still able to concentrate for the duration of the lesson. For children, who have a shorter attention span, 60-min. or 45-min. lessons are more appropriate.

How often should I have my lessons?

For a meaningful education, lessons should take place regularly each week. If you are not under pressure to learn a language in a very short time, 1 x 90 min. or 2 x 60 min. a week should be enough. If your lessons take place twice a week, it is recommended that you have at least one day off between the two lessons. This will allow you to absorb new material. If you study twice a week, it will also be harder for you to forget what you've learned (thanks to short intervals between lessons).If you're pressed for time and need to learn a language quickly, we recommend that you study at least 2 x 90 min. or 3 x 60 min. a week. Your lesson can also last 120 min., but based on our experience we know most people aren't able to fully concentrate for the duration of such lessons.

Who is going to teach me?

Teachers at Strejc School of Languages have university education focused on the teaching of foreign languages. They have a minimum of 3 years of teaching experience. We try to select teachers with not only the necessary qualifications, but also the qualities we find important for teaching, e.g. a sense of humor, positive thinking and responsibility.

How many lessons do I have to pay for?

The course fee is paid in advance, either 15 x 60 or 15 x 90 min. Paying for fewer lessons is not of much use (if you are serious about learning something). After you finish all your lessons you can either pre-pay for another package of lessons or stop. At the end of each lesson students are asked to sign an attendance sheet which helps both sides to keep track of how many lessons have already been taught and how many remain.

Can I cancel a lesson?

In case you are not able to attend a lesson you will need to contact us via email, text message, the contact form on our website or simply call. Lessons cancelled less than 24 hours before the start of the lesson will be considered to have taken place and will not be compensated for. If you are not satisfied with the teacher, just tell us your reasons and we'll replace him/her.

What is the price of private lessons?

Well, that's a tough question, as there are many factors influencing the price, e.g. location, frequency, length of the lesson, teacher (Czech or native speaker), language (English is cheaper than Swedish), etc. Please contact us through the contact form and tell us what kind of lessons would most suit you. To get a very rough idea, please have a look at the example below.

Language: German

Lesson length: 90 min./week

Frequency: 2 x week

Location: in the classroom

Language focus: common language

Level: A2

Course duration: semester

Price: 840 Kč (for an individual) or 900 Kč (for 2 students i.e. 450 Kč per person) or 960 Kč for a group of 3 (330 Kč per person).

*The more students attend the lesson, the lower the price per person.

What should I do to start my lessons?

It is easy. Click on the "Contacts" link and let us know what language you want to study and what times you are available. Don't forget to include information about your level, frequency, length of the lesson, duration of your course and number of persons attending the course. We will respond as quickly as possible.

Lessons are usually taught by means of the English language, i.e. the teacher will explain things to you in English. If you are already able to speak the language you want to study, then there is no need to switch to English. Some of our teachers know several languages, so if you come from, - say, - Germany and want to learn Czech, we can find a Czech teacher who will speak and explain things to you in German.

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